The longest and most impossible war to win in the United States is the "war on drugs". Despite decades of arrests and imprisonments of millions of Americans, politicians and the PSA urge us to "just say no", illegal drugs are even more available than ever.
 But why are some drugs legal and others prohibited? Why do we arrest approximately 600,000 Americans every year for possession of marijuana, but we sell tobacco and alcohol in most corners? Why do we block people who have used methamphetamine for years and distribute the drug Ritalin-like to our children? It is not based on science and damage to health, but very often because of racism, stigma and who is perceived as an addict.
 The social impact company ATTN produced: a series of short videos entitled "The True History of Illegal Drugs" that explain why, when and how some illicit drugs like marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, opium and LSD have become illegal.